About Us

Hello Babes,

I am Alize'  the founder and creator of ButterflyEffeXXX.

I grew tired of buying all these expensive lingerie that I would only kept on for a few minutes before it was ripped off and tossed to the floor. So i thought "wouldn't it be nice to be able to keep my sexy lingerie on while its time to get freaky? Why do i have to take it off?" I came up with this idea of OPEN UNDIES and EASY ACCESS THONGS that can be slipped to the side if needed. ALL of my friends LOVED the idea, some of my friends expressed how some stores do not sell lingerie in their size so they have NEVER worn lingerie. I was devastated, beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes and I truly feel that EVERYONE deserves to feel SEXY! I say "Spread them... spread your WILDEST WINGS babes!